Italian elections earthquake

Italy close to new bipolarism.

The 5-star Movement is the undisputed winner of the 2018 general elections with 32% of the votes, while the center-right wins the position of the first coalition with 35%.a

The Lega of Matteo Salvini stands out as the first party of the center-right coalition, touching on the national level 18% of the votes.

The PD led by Matteo Renzi admits defeat. But the majority do not go to anyone. “It will be the president of the Republic to choose which is the president of the Council that has numbers closer to reality,” insists Matteo Salvini leader of Lega, recalling that the agreement in the center-right provided that those who had one more vote “would have the burden and the honor to take charge of pulling the country out of the quicksand ». With these percentages it seems clear that no political force has the numbers to form a government alone.

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