EU ‘Panama’ delegation has no evidence of Muscat wrongdoings

Speaking at a political activity at the Mgarr Labour Party club, Malta Prime minister Joseph Muscat underlined, in reference to a story in Illum today, that MEP and EU ‘Panama’ delegation head Ana Gomes said that Russian ‘whistleblower’ and former Pilatus Bank employee Maria Efimova had not presented to MEPs any documents related to Egrant, contrary to was previously reported.

Malta Prime minister Joseph Muscat emphasised Egrant ownership claims were completely untrue, Malta Today reports.

Today Muscat commented that the claim made six months ago that him and his wife Michelle had some connection with the Egrant Panama company was an ‘obscene lie’, as he reiterated that he would resign on the spot if it was found that there was any grain of truth in the claims made against him and his spouse.

“I had said that I would resign if any truth to the allegations were found, but if no truth was found, I would in turn expect the makers of the allegations to resign, but this has not happened,” Muscat said.


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