Eva Kaili MEP on Artificial Intelligence

Eva Kaili MEP (S&D, Greece) reflects upon Artificial Intelligence (AI) role in politics. Chairing a debate of AI in framework of the 5th Innovation Summit Week in European Parliament, Kaili focuses on progress AI brings to our lives, but also warns about dangers. In an interview below Kaili promotes innovation, namely the powers of AI to change life of EU citizens to better, closer to their needs and dreams. However there is also risk of manipulation one should know about and avoid to fully benefit from AI peaks. Conducting her campaign via social media, as EU politician Kaili is an adept of innovation, convinced that advantages should be embraced.



During debate on Artificial Intelligence in European Parliament Eva Kaili chaired, she exchanged views with the experts, scientists and undertakers on the AI phenomenon within European programmes from Esprit to Horizon 2020, the techniques empowering industries, including news, health, transportation, energy, environment and other endeavours. Kaili believes that AI has an outstanding capacity to serve citizens, to create new professions and activities. She focuses on capacity of AI to address the current challenges of the EU and bring its contribution to sustainable and prosperous future.

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