Merkel insists on cuts of funds to Turkey

At EU Summit meeting European leaders agreed to explore cuts in pre-accession funds to Turkey (4,5 billion euro) related to Ankara’s stalled bid to join the bloc after German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for action in response to what she described as “unacceptable” Turkish practices in violation of human rights.

During the Council meeting the heads of states and governments expressed a broad spectrum of views on Turkey, however, Merkel added, the “scepticism” prevailed. Meaning there will be no more accession chapters opened, and accession funds cut, but this funds foreseen for refugees will stay in place and available. She also said there is a recognition of Ankara’s role in hosting refugees and migrants.

“We are committed to people of Turkey” – Merkel ensured, promising not to cut bridges, and searching for re-engagement with Turkey, preserving continuity of dialogue.

Accession funds are a powerful instrument of reforms, aimed at leveling with the EU in the following areas:


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