EU-Costa Rica strong partnership

“The new European Consensus opens new possibilities for cooperation on development policy with higher middle income countries such as Costa Rica. EU-Costa Rica relations are moving away successfully from the old donor-recipient mentality, towards a more modern relationship based on genuine cooperation and a dynamic partnership of equals. We have a lot to learn from Costa Rica’s experience as a country in transition.”Commented Commissioner Mimica on an official visit in Costa Rica.. He confirms the EU’s commitment to support the country’s sustainable development and economic growth.

Commissioner Mimica will meet President Luis Guillermo Solís to discuss a variety of issues, such as governance, innovation and science, as well as Costa Rica’s role in regional programmes on economic integration,citizen security, and climate change. Mimica will present the EU’s new approach to development cooperation, as laid out in the European Consensus on Development.

Mimica will also sign a bilateral joint declaration on gender equality with the Second Vice President of Costa Rica, as well as re-launch the social dialogue on gender equality and empowerment of women to contribute to economic growth in the country and speed up progress towards all sustainable development goals. The Commissioner will also announce a €3.5 million contribution from the Latin America Investment Facility to preparatory studies on water and sanitation for Costa Rica. This contribution helps to mobilise up to €121 million in investments. Attracting additional public and private finance will help to ensure equal access to clean water and sanitation for all and drive economic growth in the country.

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