Trieste, European capital of Science 2020

Central square, Trieste, Italy, photo: wikimidia Victor Gane

“Our vision of Trieste as a hub for science, business and society interactions in a wide geographical area such as North-East of Italy and Central Eastern European countries has been the true winning key. The nomination of Trieste as host for ESOF 2020 is very exciting and it is viewed by all of us as a very important step for the development of a future international Science Center.” Said Prof. Stefano Fantoni, President of the Trieste International Foundation for Progress and Freedom.

EuroScience and the ESOF Supervisory Board announce that the EuroScience Open Forum 2020 will be hosted from 4 to 10 July 2020 in Trieste, Italy, and that ESOF 2022 will be organized by Leiden/The Hague, The Netherlands, in July 2022. We received two impressive and solid full bids from Trieste and Leiden/The Hague, and we wish to recognize both cities’ credentials to become the European City of Science in 2020, respectively 2022.

Trieste has seen the development of important international and national research institutes for research, technology transfer and the dissemination of science in Trieste, bringing to the city a concentration of research workers among the highest in the world. As a Central European city, Trieste will work to make ESOF 2020 an example of strengthening links with Central and Eastern European scientists, businesses, politicians and citizens.

Prof. Gail Cardew, chairperson ESOF Supervisory Board, said “A city to be awarded ESOF is given the title of European City of Science. The city becomes a focal point for a discussion about science, not just among scientists but with the whole city. Trieste’s and Leiden/The Hague’s very different traditions of developing research, connecting it to business and engaging the public provide perfect backdrops for ESOF. The two cities exemplify and further enrich the diversity Europe boasts of. We look forward to developing strong and exciting programmes with the Local Organisers in Trieste and Leiden/The Hague.”

Prof. Ferry Breedveld, former president of the Executive Board of Leiden University Medical Centre, and prof. Corinne Hofman, Dean Faculty of Archeology, Leiden University, said: “We are excited with the news that ESOF 2022 will take place in Leiden. This emphasis the scientific position of the city and the knowledge institutes that are based in Leiden. This is Europe’s largest general scientific conference and it will bring 4500 delegates to the City in July 2022, including global scientific and technology leaders.  The theme will be `Science, The Infinite Source of Discoveries’ which suits the slogan of our City: ‘Leiden, City of Discoveries’.”

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