UK to fortify Europe “unconditionally”

Britain’s contribution to European security is “historic,” and  “unconditional”, the UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said in an interview to ‘Le Figaro’ newspaper, denying the circulating information about the UK government hint on reduction of co-operation in case there will be no Brexit deal.

Prime Minister Theresa May wrote in a ‘Brexit’ letter to the European Union Council that “our cooperation in the fight against crime and terrorism would be weakened” if Britain left the bloc without a new comprehensive deal. The sentence has been immediately interpreted as a move on a chessboard of the starting negociations.

Directly questioned in an interview for the French newspaper Le Figaro whether Britain was looking to exchange security co-operation against a trade deal, Johnson said: “No, on the contrary.”

“We regard the UK’s traditional and historic contribution to the security and stability of Europe as something that is unconditional.”

“We will continue to make this contribution because we believe it is good for the whole of Europe and indeed of the world. It’s in our interests as much as anybody else’s and we hope this will be one of the ways in which we can continue to work very closely (with the EU) in a deep and special partnership.”

Johnson said what Britain wanted was “a strong EU buttressed by a strong UK”.


Johnson told Le Figaro he thought the chances of Britain leaving the EU without an agreement were “very small”.

The Johnson’s position expressed to ‘Le Figaro’ echoed his statement at NATO meeting of the foreign ministers on Friday, 31.03.2017.





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