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Serbians say “we don’t need EU”



Serbian lawmakers booed the European Union’s top diplomat Federica Mogherini while she addressed the Parliament during tour aimed at playing down tensions in the Balkans.

Mogherini’s trip to all six Western Balkans states, still traumatized by wars in 1990s along political, ethnic and religious lines, is meant to lay the groundwork for an EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels on Monday,  the 6th of March.

Several EU leaders have expressed concerns at a number of problems in Balkans blaming Russia for attempting to destabilize the region to regain lost influence.

At Mogherini’s speech to the Serbian parliament, members of the Serbian Radical party chanted: “Serbia! Russia! We don’t need the (European) Union!”

Four deputies from the nationalist Dveri party held banners reading: “Serbia does not trust Brussels.” (Pictured).

Playing down the tensions during a speech that focused on the EU accession talks which Serbia hopes to complete by 2019, Mogherini later told reporters: “It is not nice to be rude to a lady!”

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