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Migrant crises – endless


This week while reacting to the problem of mass migration, the European Parliament president Antonio Tajani said, the problem of migration from Africa should be resolved at root level, otherwise “dams and wall will be not sufficient” to prevent migrants from coming.

Libya, according to the report, leaked to Bild newspaper, is presently a transit place  up to 1.2 million migrants intending to reach Europe. Last year the illegal migrants in overwhelming numbers landed in Italy.

Jordan, hosting Syrians, is also mentioned in the report, claiming up to 720,000 refugees and migrants in Jordan camps who are planning to reach Europe.

Central African migrants are also accounted for in the report, which claims most come to Libya and Algeria after travelling to Mali and Niger which have become hubs for migrants.

The report, which was obtained by German tabloid Bild, and widely discussed in media, claims that there are at least six million migrants on perimeter of Europe who are seeking to enter the EU territories.

The information in the report is in striking contrast with the reassuring statements of Brussels officials, sending message of the migrant crisis being largely over due to a number of undertaken measures, including Frontex patrol operations, and agreements with Turkish and Libyan governments.


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