Louvre attacked amid Malta Summit


The attack in Louvre Museum in Paris happened amid a human rights debate on migration from Libyan coasts. Human rights concerns have looming large at proposed EU plan to block migrants in Libya. (Photo: from Malta Informal Summit)

At EU  informal Summit in Malta the heads of states and governments have been discussing the ways to reduce massive flows of Africans fleeing poverty and conflicts, smuggled by traffickers from Libyan coasts. The EU leaders assess  methods to close down that route across  the central Mediterranean combining naval and financial assistance to the UN-backed government in Libya. The EU has been sensitive to concerns of advocates for refugees  denouncing conditions in Libyan detention camps where the migrants are kept, and claiming more efficient organisation of reception of migrants and refugees in Europe, including their timely relocation over continent, to avoid swelling in overcrowded camps in Italy. (Photo: from Louvre Museum the same time)


Lately  EU leaders have been criticising USA President Trump for his rejection to accept migrants from seven countries, representing high terrorist threat, including Libya. The US president also reacted on the attack in Louvre Museum.

Internauts are happy that there were no innocent victims of the incident.

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