EU immigration dichotomy


The startling difference of approach toward migration crisis resolution between EU bureaucrats and national politicians representing opinions of their electorate shifts both policies into confrontational mode, beyond possibility of a compromise.

“We have in Europe a history – and here I think I do not speak only for the European Union – that has told us that every time that one invests in divisions and wars, you might end up being in a prison, if you build all walls around you. And we have a history and a tradition and an identity based on the fact that we celebrate when walls are broken down and bridges are built. We believe in cooperation, and the European Union will continue to work in a sense of cooperation and respect with all the countries of the region, regardless of the religion of their population – all of them. This is the European Union’s way, I am convinced this is also the European way.” – said EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini promoting current migration policy approach.  Namely the EU is most generous donor in the world to the Syrians making available more than nine billion euros since the start of the conflict.

The dichotomy between EU bureaucrats and the EU citizens visions of dealing with migrant crisis has become more evident after #PenelopeGate scandal staining the reputation of Francois Fillon – the front-runner for French presidential elections (23 April 2017-1st round). Since Fillon’s #PenelopeGate allegations of public fund misuse and fictitious employment for his wife Front National candidate Marine Le Pen is heading the polls.

Even if not winning the presidency #Marine’s growing influence representing anti-mass migration political force will remain a factor in French politics inevitably reflecting upon EU concept of receiving migration flows in millions a year as it happened previously. The EU migrant policy will experience a partial change in the second half of 2017.

In case of #Marine victory the nature of the current EU migrant policy will experience a complete change, as already now Front National perceive president Trump’s #terroristban – as a model for European answer to diminish threat from Islamists, which is at its highest ever in Europe.


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