EU cleft over Trump’s Muslim migrants ban


European political parties cleft over US President Trump measures to stop migration from conflict regions to avoid infiltration of potential Islamic radical terrorists.

At the moment the ban to entry from seven Muslim countries touched 400 travellers struck in JFK airport, causing an outrage of pro-Immigrant NGOs.
A Federal Judge in Brooklyn, NY issued a ruling, temporarily blocking the President’s executive order, singed on Friday 27/01/2017. The situation is largely due to short notice for the air-carriers, who applied the order in a sporadic way. Reportedly in future the passport holders of the seven Islamic countries would be denied boarding, as it already happened with 160 passengers, who simply could not enter the aircraft.
The EU Left has been scandalised by President Trump executing his campaign promise to limit migration from countries representing a potential danger of Islamic State terrorist infiltrations. The UK PM Theresa May rejected to comment on the US home affairs issues.
The migration crisis to Europe remains unresolved issue  in absence of consensus among political forces at power. The anti-immigration moods are hovering high over Europe after a series of terrorist attacks perpetrated by radical Islam.
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