Bosphorus: crack down on arms trafficking


EUROPOL: Nearly 250 arrests and 556 gas and alarm pistols seized are a few of the final results of Operation Bosphorus, a series of international actions in 2016 in 10 EU Member States, coordinated by Romania as the Activity’s Action leader and with the full operational and analytical support of Europol.

Operation Bosphorus is a series of actions developed under the EMPACT Firearms OAP 2015 targeting gas/alarm pistols of Turkish manufacture trafficked into Europe via Bulgaria.

Based upon intelligence packages provided by Europol, ten Member States, namely Romania, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Cyprus, Finland, Sweden, Spain and the UK, with the support of Bulgaria, agreed to investigate the acquisition and the possession of such firearms by their nationals or in their territory, since according to their own national legislation, a declaration or authorisation is required to acquire, import and possess such a firearm in these countries.

Individuals arrested: 245;  House searches conducted: 421; Gas/alarm pistols found and seized: 556; ammunition found and seized: 33 748.

The operation concludes year 2016 on optimistic note, partially taking away the side effects of the scandal, related to the disclosure of a high profile  EU expert, who participated in the debate of the European Parliament (pictured) involved in trafficking himself.


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