Koblenz: ENF parties in ‘Trump era’


Today the leaders of  Europe for Nations and Freedom (ENF) parties  from Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands meet in the German city of Koblenz  at a conference to exchange their concepts for the future of the continent in a new context of ‘Trump era’.

Alternative for Germany (AfD) Frauke Petry is hosting the event, uniting French candidate for presidency Marine Le Pen from Front National (FN),  Dutch contestant for Prime Minister from Party for Freedom (PvV) Geert Wilders,  Italian challenger Matteo Salvini from Northern League (Lega Nord),  Freedom party for Austria (FPÖ) Harald Vilimsky  (pictured on the tweet below), and delegations from Belgium, Poland, Roumania, and the UK.

The conference is aimed on working out common strategies in a new political context of ‘Trump era’ in politics, perceived as favorable for many of parties proposals and projects, defined by the politicians themselves as an ‘opposition’ to globalism and construction of federal Europe imposed by the EU.

(Photo above: illustration)

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