Towards Syria conference in Brussels


syria-kidsThe preparations for the spring international conference on Syria in Brussels chaired by EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini are on the way. The conference on Syria will have two main objectives. From one hand it will take stock of the implementation of commitments of the donor community at the London conference, on which the EU has “delivered in full”.

“But most of all it will be a political conference, hoping that could be the moment for the international community together to turn the page and start the political transition, the reconciliation process and the reconstruction of Syria” – said Mogherini, explaining her vision on role of the EU.

In December 2016  HR Mogherini launched the EU Regional Initiative on the future of Syria, which aims to identify with regional partners common ground on the post-conflict arrangements for the country and examine the scope for reconciliation and reconstruction once a credible political transition.

The announcement on the Brusssels conference on Syria came following the first meeting in 2017 of EU foreign ministers Mogherini chaired.

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