Chad: EU to support Multination mixed force against Boko Haram

Chadian soldiers sit with guns on a vehicle as they drive in Bangui April 4, 2014. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic


Chadian soldiers sit with guns on a vehicle as they drive in Bangui

France requested the EU to release 50 million euro fund, promised to Multinational mixed force (MMF) leading military operation against terroristic group ‘Boko Haram’ in the region of lake Chad. Created to defeat Boko Haram  insurgency after Baga massacre in January 2015, the 8.500 strong group composed of forces from Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Benin and Cameroon, the MMF has been acting since, in spite of a considerable scepticism of the international community.

During his visit to Chad (29/12/2016) Prime Minister Bernad Cazeneuve confirmed the engagement of France to defeat the terrorism in the region , however he pointed at necessity to support Chadian army with logistic and equipment. Still the strongest in the region it continues to undertake operations fighting terroristic groups from Nigeria and Mali, not the least the relentless efforts of the Islamic State to spread influence over Sahel region.

French diplomacy confirmed the release of 30 million euros  to MFF in August spent on transport, information and communication equipment, but still awaiting  18 millions to reinforce headquarters of MMF in N’Djamena. French government also continues to support people of Chad on bilateral basis, releasing eight million euro budget in aid in 2016, including three million on urgent humanitarian needs.

The European Union conducted a military bridging operation, EUFOR Tchad/RCA, from 28 January 2008 to 15 March 2009, under the mandate provided by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1778 (of 25 September 2007).

(Source: AFP)

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