Mogherini: addresses Arabe League


“Today we share a feeling of sadness and, if I can say so, mutual condolences as we see victims, civilians, innocent victims falling in Berlin, in Jordan just a few days ago, in Cairo, the assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Ankara yesterday” – said EU HR Federica Mogherini, addressing the EU-League of Arab States Ministerial meeting in Cairo.

“We face a wave of inconceivable violence and terrorism that makes our gathering together, our meeting today, even more important, even more relevant. Because I believe we share the common and deep conviction of the fact that only a common response to the terrorist violence can bring results for the sake of civilians across our region. So let me start by dedicating our thoughts to those victims, both in Europe and in the Arab world, and show our determination to jointly prevent and fight terrorism in our territories and globally”.

“…And let me say that we believe this format is particularly and increasingly important. Regional cooperation is the not only the best, but possibly the only way we have to address the crises we all face in our region. And I say “our region” because when I say “regional cooperation” I don’t just mean a bi-regional dimension of our relations, but us sharing the same region. And this is the reason I believe why we have so many Ministers present today. On the European side, on the Arab side – I think this is only natural. This shows the awareness we share on the need to work together in this format”.

(Soruce: EEAS)

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