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“Manga Hokusai Manga” exhibition at the Japan information and cultural center


On 14th July 2016 the Japan information and cultural center in Brussels opened the exibition “Manga Hokusai Manga“.

IMG_20160714_182624In light of Japan’s contemporary comics and their global proliferation, the 19th-century Hokusai Manga is attracting increasing interest. Fans worldwide tend to even regard this pictorial compendium by ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai as the origin of today’s manga.

But the outward appearance of these two types of manga does not immediately suggest a continuous tradition. Do present-day graphic narratives and the master’s “diverse drawings” share anything other than a name? IMG_20160714_182738

Unlike past exhibitions of Hokusai’s work, #Manga Hokusai Manga approaches the Hokusai Manga from the perspective of contemporary Japanese comics, focusing on genre, pictorial storytelling and participatory culture rather than the integration of IMG_20160714_182602word and image or the role of popular characters.

And instead of aiming at a historiographic verification of influences, the exhibition invites viewers to ponder their own notions about manga by comparing works from different periods while exploring the diversity therein.

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