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Visit of Argentine President in Europe


On 2nd July Argentine President Mauricio Macri arrived in Europe to meet the EU authorities and for a two days in Germany on a mission to strengthen trade ties with its powerful economy after 12 years of isolation.

In Brussels he saw the High Representative Federica Mogherini, with whom he discussed the relations between his country and the EU in light of Brexit He met also European Council President Donald Tusk, with whom he talked about strengthening bilateral relations.

In particular, High Representative Mogherini said that “the Argentine has a key role, and the president Macri demonstrated leadership to revive the agreements held back by ten years”.

The president of Argentina has expressed its willingness to move forward with the agreements between Mercosur and the EU, but “this depends on the decision of the European countries.”
With this visit President Macri aimed also to increase the level of investment in Argentina by European countries and in particular by Germany with which historically has industrial traditions.

Asked then about the relations with EU, Macri said “It was positive to come here to reaffirm our will to strengthen the relation among the EU, Argentina and the Mercosur; I experienced proofs of friendship and enthusiasm about the transformations going on in our country.”

According to the President the cooperation process with Brussels will take time but he foresees a period full of new opportunities for the Argentinians tackling poverty and searching to attract investors who can create new jobs are going to be top priorities of his mandate.

“I’m very optimistic and positive then I think that the objective of everybody on the two sides of the Atlantic is to support a faster process.” Macri added. 

In the next month’s Buenos Aires is going to hold the presidency of Mercosur and “we don’t see any internal conflicts also because there is an agenda on improving the cooperation with the EU which approved by everybody.”Macri confirmed. 

Concluding on possible difficult negotiations chapters with Brussels, Macri confirmed that the agriculture chapter is the biggest conflict point but “for us it is a fundamental subject during my trip to Europe so we will have to work now and in the next months to get out of this impasse.” 

After the meetings with the EU institutions in Brussels the Argentinian delegation had a meeting in Berlin with the German chancellor Angela Merkel.

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