Success of the “Youth and Brussels based Regions” project

IMG_6368On June 16th took place in Brussels, at the Abruzzo Region premises, the final conference of the project: “Youth and Brussels-based Regions”.

This project has been an extraordinary opportunity to bring young people to the regions of Brussels, by carrying out non-formal educational activities that took place at the offices of the same regions.

Outcomes of activities, which involved as many as 80 young people, being selected among young unemployed (aged 18/30) and young workers and unemployed young people aged between 18/25, from 4 partner-regions (Abruzzo Region as Lead-partner) will be presented.

The event was addressed to project-partners and all those who have spoken or  contributed to the different implementation phases of the project, as well as representatives of institutions and other organizations which have direct competence in the field, including the wide audience of the representatives of the European regions based in Brussels.

At the end of the conference, the opening of the photo-exhibition, which collects images of 80 young people who took part in the project, followed.

 “Youth and Brussels based Regions” is a European project promoted and coordinated by the Abruzzo Region, in partnership with the Dubrovnik-Neretva County (Croatia), the Lubuskie Region (Poland) and the Presov Region (Slovakia).

Mr. Giovanni Savini Director of Abruzzo Region in Brussels said: “We are enthusiastic because we helped to form 80 young European citizens giving the opportunity to have a concrete experience in Brussels and to practice the EU institutions. I think this experience going to change their life and their way of thinking . Our aimed was to form a real European young generation”

Regarding the outcomes of the project Mr. Nikola DOBROSLAVIĆ Prefect of Dubrovnik-Neretva County stated “Cooperation between countries, between region for building the Europe has we wanted to be. The Europe of the regions, of cooperation with equal chances. This is one way to build Europe”

The project was approved by the European Commission and it was co-financed by the “Youth in Action” program. It took effect from the  1st May 2014 until the 30th June 2016. During that two-year period, it intended to send 80 young people, aged 18-30, in the respective regional offices in Brussels for European Voluntary Service (EVS) and Transnational Youth Exchanges (TYE) activities.

The people who benefited from that exceptional offer were selected among unemployed young people (aged 18-30) as far as the European voluntary service program is concerned, and among young workers and unemployed young people aged 18-25, as far as the transnational exchanges program is concerned.

The conditions and the duration depended on the activities: the European Voluntary Service lasts for 13 weeks and the Transnational Youth Exchanges for 2 weeks.

At the end of the project activities the project has been very successful, with 18.000 visits on the website and more than 600  registered users.

Among all, 80 young people (including 22 from Abruzzo) were taking part in the activities happening in Brussels.

Furthermore, about 200 of them took part in the informative survey related to the project’s themes.

We had an interview with Mr. Savini and Mr. Dobroslavic on the outcomes of the project.



Official website of the project:
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