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Dublin, Friday 24 June, 2016: Ireland’s longest established organisation dedicated to working on European issues, European Movement Ireland, has noted the outcome of yesterday’s referendum in the United Kingdom, which saw a majority, 52%, of voters opt to leave the European Union.

Maurice Pratt, Chairperson of European Movement Ireland said, “While European Movement (EM) Ireland never advocated how people should vote in yesterday’s referendum, we never shied away from our belief that an EU without the UK as a member would be a poorer one with many as yet unknown consequences for both the UK, Ireland and the EU itself. Now is the time for a period of reflection and calm as we look to assess the outcome of yesterday’s result.”

“Our focus will now turn to how best engage with the UK in a different framework. Nonetheless, we will continue to preserve the important and strong relationships that exist between Ireland and the UK, one which had been normalised and underpinned by our common membership of the EU,” added Mr Pratt.

“The UK electorate exercised its democratic right at the ballot box and voted to take the country out of the European Union. While respecting this decision, the EU will continue and EM Ireland will continue to promote our strongly held view that Ireland remains stronger in the EU, which is the opinion of the great majority of Irish people, as borne out by a recent RED C Poll – which can be read here,” said Noelle O Connell, Executive Director of European Movement Ireland

“We are now entering a phase of negotiation and compromise. We hope that this is done in a positive and progressive manner that is respectful to all sides. The UK remains our neighbour, ally and friend. Notwithstanding the uncertain period ahead, European Movement Ireland looks forward to continuing to promote strong and mutually rewarding links and connections between our two countries and at a European level,” concluded Ms O Connell.


Source :European Mouvement Ireland


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