MEP Schaffhauser: “Sultan’s” Erdogan ambitions are perils for democracy”

Balkan route‘Turkey’s president Erdogan behaves as a Sultan of a new Ottoman empire, – said MEP Jean-Luc Schaffhauser (#ENF/ENL group, France) criticising the rapprochement between the EU and Turkey, resulting in promise of visa liberalisation and lavish sums for Turkish government to prevent Middle East migrants from entering Europe.

Bombarding Kurds, thus his own population, president Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not make a suitable partner to enter a democratic family of the EU member states, continued Schaffhauser, questioning the European perspective for Turkey exploiting its candidate status and NATO membership for its own purpose.

The ignoring of the reality by the European leadership and further giving in to Turkey’s demands might end in serious perils for the democracy, economy, and security, warns Schaffhauser, issuing a report signed by “Geopol Consulting”, Bruxelles. The research has been presented at the eve of the European Summit of 28th of Juneaddressing issues of migration and EU-Turkey relations.

At present Turkey accumulates considerable numbers of illegal migrants from Africa and Middle East, attempting to cross poorly guarded borders with Greece. Thus enter the zone of Schengen free circulation in the entire European territory. In absence of the proper customs control along the Greek border with thousands of islands, there is no guarantee that the terrorists from the Islamic state do not infiltrate into the huge migrant flux, – reminds MEP Jean-Luc Schaffhauser, pointing at grave security problem caused by this massive migrant influx.

«The illegal migration is organised by traficants and mafia in from Turkish and Albanese origins », – continued Schaffhauser, pointing at multiple evidence of enormous gains from human traffic of Chinese, Afghans, Iranians, Syrians, Eritreans, Somalianz et Ethiopians to the Schengen zone.

”However it is the Turkish state which used and abused the situation ‘opening the floodgates’ of illegal migration every time when there is problem with another EU country, or dispute between Athens and Ankara, Greeks discover a raising number of ‘refugees’ at their coasts’, – continued Schaffhauser.

Knowing powers of the Turkish army and police, it is obvious that the flows of migrants are possible only with their complicity. ‘The human traffic prosper between political games and corruption’, – Schaffhauser said, warning against giving in to the Turkey’s requests to proceed in accession process in absence of real progress. Moreover for the EU the continuation of the status quo will mean a threat to security, as the infiltrated criminals of all sorts will aim to future consolidation of the criminal gangs, presenting a unprecedented challenge to the forces of order.

An alternative route via Balkans  continues to function, delivering considerable numbers of illegal migrants to the Schengen zone. Already in Belgium the Albanian triflers force illegal migrants into criminal activities as a payment for the transportation.

In spite of an enormous efforts of Belgium and French police joint operations, the traficants remain successful in their lucrative business, due to an outstanding scale of the migration flows.

The latest arrest of the Albanese mafia took place in Calais in May 2016, however the story is not over.

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