EU- New Migration Partnership Framework

050615-N-0000X- 001Reinforced cooperation with third countries to better manage migration

The European Commission has today set out plans for a new results-oriented Partnership Framework to mobilise and focus EU action and resources in our external work on managing migration.

The EU will seek tailor made partnerships with key third countries of origin and transit using all policies and instruments at the EU’s disposal to achieve concrete results. Building on the European Agenda on Migration, the priorities are saving lives at sea, increasing returns, enabling migrants and refugees to stay closer to home and, in the long term, helping third countries’ development in order to address root causes of irregular migration.

Member State contributions in these partnerships – diplomatic, technical and financial – will be of fundamental importance in delivering results.

First Vice-President Frans Timmermans said: “To stop the unacceptable loss of life in the Mediterranean Sea and bring order into migratory flows, we need to rethink how the EU and its Member States join efforts to work together with third countries. The Commission proposes a new partnership framework: starting with a first group of priority third countries, compacts tailored to the circumstances of each of them will mobilise all our policies and tools to achieve these objectives.”

High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini added: “Millions of people are on the move worldwide and we can only manage this if we act globally, in full partnership. For this reason, we are proposing a new approach for strong partnerships with key countries. Our goal, while staying focused on saving lives at sea and dismantling smugglers’ networks, is to support the countries that host so many people and foster growth in our partner countries. Our duty, and also our interest, is to give people the chance and the means for a safe and decent life

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