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Rome – international conference on management of urban and peri-urban agricutlural areas

1The “Casa del Giardinaggio” of Rome will host on april 6th the opening of the final event of the SIDIGMED european project with the international confernce on management of urban and peri-urban agricultural areas

In recent years Rome has hosted several European projects in favor of urban agriculture. Among these: European Urban Garden Otesha, EU’GO E-learning platform, and Gardeniser and SIDIGMED, which have developed exchanges of experiences and synergic actions to promote innovation. Urban agriculture has become a tool for socializing, active citizenship, social inclusion and mutual exchange of knowledge and innovative capacity.

Launched over two years ago, SIDIGMED is a territorial cooperation project funded by the European Union to promote social inclusion and contribute to the fight against poverty in urban areas. He brings together the City of Rome, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, the City of Mahdia in Tunisia, the Royal Botanic Garden and the Forestry Department of Al-Balga in Jordan and the company ESMO srl.

Dear Colleagues, 

on behalf of Roma – Dipartimento di Tutela Ambientale,  I’m pleased to invite you to the International conference on the management of urban and peri-urban agricultural areas.Roma – Dipartimento di Tutela Ambientale, will host this event in Rome at Casa del Giardinaggio – Via Ardeatina, 610 – Parco di San Placido  on 6th April from 9.00am  to 5.30pm.
You may visualise the agenda for the day and to register for the event here:
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