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Updating from Mega Tuesday in US

2016 USA presidential election poster. EPS 10

It is closed Mega Tuesday in US this week and the elections are going on. We could just analyze the outcomes of these weeks.


As the prevision, in head there are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who have won the polling station’s majority and they have increased their points. After Super Tuesday and Mega Tuesday the outcomes are: 673 representatives for Donald Trump, 411 for Ted Cruz, 169 for Marco Rubio and 143 for John Kasich; 1606 representatives for Hillary Clinton, 851 for Bernie Sanders.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton swept Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Ohio; Donald Trump, on the Republican side, took home Florida, Illinois and North Carolina. Until the last Super Tuesday, Clinton won in Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Louisiana and Mississippi; Trump in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Hawaii, Michigan and Mississippi.


So there aren’t doubt about Hillary Clinton’s victory for the Primary Democratic Elections and the reason is clear with the outcomes. At the moment she is going on really fast to the goal and Bernie Sanders doesn’t seem to have no one possibility to recover it: he won in New Hampshire, Colorado, Oklahoma, Vermont, Kansas, Nebraska, Maine and Michigan.

It has been incredible the decision of Marco Rubio at the end of Mega Tuesday: he has decided to retreat from the scene after the defeat in Florida where has won Trump and now  Kasich and Cruz are the last Republican to be in the running. Ted Cruz won in Iowa, Alaska, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Idaho and Wyoming, while John Kasich only in Ohio.

No doubt for Trump’s victory too but the Tycoon isn’t sure to arrive with absolutely majority in May and he is continuing to not convince the all Republican world ‘cause of different ideas and goals.

Davide Renna


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