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BMW The Next 100 years

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Pioneering decisions and products from the past continue to make their on the BMW Group today.

The BMW Group has had a significant influence on the futur of mobility ever since is was founded in 1916. Over the years, it has constantly evolved, rising to its position today as a premium provider of mobility services. The capacity for forersighted action is a part of  BMW Group’s DNA – as evidenced at many points throughout its history and by numerous decisions and products.

Introduction of the BMW R 32 – a major influence across the industry, launched in 1923, the R 32 was far more than just the first bike to sport the blue and white brand logo on its tank; it was evidence, even then, of the company’s courage in departing from familiar pathways to engineer its very first vehicule, coming up with a design developed completely around the engine.  This approach would become ont only a trademark of BMW motorcycle construction but also a major influence across the industry as a whole

Coupled with the power to rethink and redesign mobility from its very foundations, this courage remained clearly in evidence 90 years later: in 2013, the Born Electric motto marked the mark launch of the all-electric BMW i3 – and with it the start of a new aera.  Based on an architecture comprising a lightweigh carbon passenger cell on an aluminium chassis, the BMWi3 was complete departure from all that had gone before. Instead, it set out to meet the specific requirements of electro-mobility.

Many of the BMW Group’s innovations are created in the highly progressive environnement of the company’s Research & Development Centre in Munich, known as the FIZ. Openend in 1990, the building has a honeycomb structure that enhances collaboration bewteen all the departments involved in vehicle development by reducing the distances between them. Along with a new building, the engineers were newly organised into “development projects teams “, which enabled them to communicate more efficently and resolve issues directly on their first prototypes. In addition, they could maintain constant with the designers, as they were also based in the FIZ and  were available to discuss their proposals right from start.

Concentraining development work FIZ has proven highly successful over the years and continues to evolve to this day.  The facility Aerodynamics Test Centre for example, first went into operation in 2009 and is now considered a benchmark around the world.  Plans are already under way  to continuously extend the FIZ over the coming decades.

The BMW Group’s success would never have been possible without the commitment of its employees.  As a global organisation, the Group employs more than than 122,000 people at 140 locations around the world.  Almost all of them will have the opportunity to come together to watch the show at the Munich Olympic Hall, when it is streamed live ot their facility as part of their own local event.

In addition, many markets around the world will be running their own events to mark the centenary  One very special experience will be the live broadcast to Munich’s Allianz Arena, where over 30.000 employees from the various sites and offices across the city will be watching the launch event as it unfolds.  For BMW Group employees, one highligh will be the Associates ” Symbol.  This will be revealed right at the start of the kick-off event and consists of a whole host of portrait photographs of employees from around the world, which were submitted in the run-up to the event.


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