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Luigi Ciciriello unveiled a new arrives of truffles

With its chef and his kitchen team, Luigi unveiled the treasures arrived from Italy.

Exclusively for our e-magazine, Luigi Ciciriello, owner of the notorious restaurant “La Truffe Noire” in Brussels, received us to celebrate a special arrival of black truffles in the middle of the season, between late January and early February, when the black truffle grows his best hints.

The black truffle, “Tuber melanosporum”, is harvested during the winter months, and is then stored either pasteurized or frozen to be able to enjoy throughout the year, unlike the white truffle that is eaten raw and immediately after harvest.

Luigi Ciciriello and his team have discovered with amazement the superb load of truffles coming straight from Umbria thanks to the company Urbani of Perugia. Urbani synonymous of love for truffles since 1852, is a company that was able to let the world know this delicious delicacy. The truffles were selected by Luigi carefully on videoconference and were immediately flown to Brussels in an exceptional state of preservation.
It is an expedition which delighted the entire kitchen staff that already imagined the wonderful dishes prepared with this noble product of the earth.


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