From sauna to the snow: at Terme Merano the benefits of the #sauna

Dispelling a cliché: the positive effects of the sauna do not result solely from the heat but by the contrast between hot and cold. For this at Terme Merano, in addition to “normal” saunas, there is an original and rare environment, the room of the snow. This space covered with snow allows a “dry cooling” and heat shock much more effective than traditional showers and immersion. For total wellness.therme meran neue aussensauna

A beneficial overhang of 100 ° C

When we speak of sauna we imagine a warm, more or less humid environment, where vapors waft by relaxing scent. A beneficial place where the body temperature increased brings positive effects on the body and a feeling of well-being for the psyche. All true. To achieve these results, however, you need to top it all off on the right cooling of the body. The really important aspect, in fact, lies in the contrast between hot and cold.

In the snow room the walls are completely covered with snow and cold “dry” perceiving a cooler temperature than the actual one, thus allowing the body to go from 90 ° to a normal sauna to -10 ° in the snow room. An overhang of 100 ° C would not be possible with conventional wet cooling systems, such as cold showers or baths of immersion, as the temperature may not fall below 10 ° C.

The three stages for a correct sauna

The correct use of the sauna is essential to achieve the desired benefits. There are three steps required, across roughly half an hour of pure pleasure.
The first stage involves the heating of the body for about 10-15 minutes in the sauna, after which we moved into the room of the snow, where you may work locally massage with snow. The ideal residence time of approximately 3-5 minutes for women, 4-8 minutes for men. Following the third phase includes a relax time of 10-15 minutes. Fundamentals are the fluid intake and the frequency of the sauna, which should be 1-2 times a week, 2-3 steps at a time, both summer and winter.

The 7 benefits of the sauna

If you had followed the various stages of the sauna, from heating to cooling, to relax, you can enjoy all the positive effects that result from this healthy practice.
First training of the blood vessels: if in the heat the vessels dilate, with the cold shrink immediately, producing a particular blood flow that benefits the skin, muscles and tissues. In the second place, to benefit especially from the room of snow, it will be the sleep. Infact cold fact actions encourage relaxation and rest, thanks to the production of endorphins.

The third benefit is in your muscles, forced to work harder to produce heat, stimulating the metabolism to burn more fat. The cold also care particularly well small muscle injuries such as bruises and strains.
The cold sauna can alleviate, if not heal, chronic pain in joints and back. The cold fact temporarily reduces sensitivity to pain, after a few minutes in the muscles and joints the snow room will leave to move more easily. Cold applications also help in case of rheumatism or arthritis.

The skin tightens and becomes more elastic, thanks to detoxifying and fortifying the organism tissue. The improved blood circulation also involves a greater supply of oxygen to the tissues. Finally the cold acts on the immune system, improving the defensive capabilities of the body, thanks to a part of the blood circulation, the other just from the increased oxygen supply to the tissues.

Not only cold sauna

The sauna area of Terme Merano consists, as well as the snow room, of various hot environments. There are the Caldarium, the Sanarium or bio sauna, the outdoor Finnish sauna, the Trauttmansdorff steam room which houses the stove to make you throw steam.

In the outdoor Finnish sauna you can attend special jets of steam of the South Tyrolean hay, while you will be able to carry out special peeling in Trauttmansdorff steam bath.

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