Shirodara, a millennial treatment

Shirodara is the distinctive treatment of the Ayurvedic medicine. It ‘s a millenary origin treatment, which offers an incredible breadth of benefits. Shirodara means “continuous flow on the head” and it consists in a gentle stream of warm oil on the forehead. This treatment stimulates the sixth chakra point, the so-called “third eye”, placed at the centre of the forehead, and the head-scalp. Combined with massage it has psychophysical benefits.

Shirodara Balance of mind® is a new machine (a Spiritual Sun global patent) solves all the manual execution difficulties that can occur using warmers. It allows then to obtain the maximum benefit of the treatment, for the first time in the world, giving a deep state of wellbeing thanks also to the constant temperature for all the duration of the treatment.

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Technically the machine guarantees a continuous and constant flow of oil (cosmetic oil of sunflower or sesame seeds), in the form of cartridges. Important features are the constant temperature (from 39 ° to 43 °), which can be adjusted by the operator and the possibility to regulate the flow with 3 speed.

The advantages arising from the treatment are:

  • It deeply relaxes body and mind.
  • It balances the emotional activity and the mental hyperactivity.
  • It improves memory, concentration, self-esteem and security.
  • It eliminates anxiety, insomnia, irritability.
  • It nourishes hair and prevents hair loss strengthening the roots.
  • It promotes skin radiance and has anti-wrinkle action.
  • In 97% of customers are always matched to the massage of 25, 50 or 70 minutes


Shirodara Balance of mind® is the only real anti-stress treatment that combined with massage and a healthy lifestyle will contribute to an improvement in the daily lives.

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