The slaps of # Pope Francis in # Mexico

Pope_Francis_Photo_2“A society of the few and for the few”, Pope Francis in his visit to Mexico denounced the deep inequality and the vanity and pride of those who consider themselves a cut above the rest.

The Pope celebrates Mass at the edge of the great megalopolis of 21 million inhabitants in front of three hundred thousand people. Ecatepec dates from the Aztec Empire and today is a commuter suburb about thirty kilometers from the center of Mexico City, capital and synthesis of the inequitable development of the country where the poor are 46.2 percent and 9.5 lives in extreme poverty.

Last Saturday in Mexico city during the meeting with the authorities, began to unfold the themes of this trip, “metastases” of drug trafficking, social justice, rescue the migrants: “Experience shows us that every time we try the way of the privilege or the benefits for a few at the expense of the good of all, sooner or later the social life becomes a breeding ground for corruption, drug trafficking, the exclusion of different cultures, violence and even for human trafficking, kidnapping and death, which cause suffering and that hinder the development. “

Even to the bishops sais: “Please do not underestimate the challenge that civic ethics and anti-drug trafficking poses to the entire Mexican society, including the Church.” However, it is the “Virgin Morenita” and the “mystery of his gaze,” that the Pope, meeting the Mexican bishops, has focused a long policy speech that goes beyond travel and speak to the whole Church and especially the hierarchies, as a synthesis of his teaching: “there is no need to princes, but a community of witnesses of the Lord.”


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