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A catastrophic climate change will threat # humanity # climate change


Humanity has only a few decades to take some measures to improve the climate situation or there will be a catastrophic climate change that could destroy civilization.

A study conducted by University of Bern showed that the procrastination of businesses, civilization and governments have reduced global carbon emissions and will damage ecosystems and human society in the next years.

An expert in this field, Patrik Pfizer said that global warming is increasing and it will be soon out of control, causing a dramatic rise of sea levels and a dangerous ocean acidification.

He also said “In 10 years without global reductions, a 2.5°C target will have become about as ambitious as the 2°C target is today”.In the next two millennia ocean levels will rise by some 25 meters. Moreover, this level could rise more if people continue to burn great quantities of oil,gas and coal.

Another dangerous issue is the accelerating acidification of the ocean that in a long term will cause the loss of maritime ecosystems including coral reefs.



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