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Europe needs Turkey to control the wave of immigrants #Europe #Turkey #immigration


Europe needs Turkey to cut the number of immigrants that are reaching Greece. Despite the deal between Ankara and Brussels for reducing the waves of refugees, the situation is not improving. So the European Commissioner Johannes Hahn said that Turkey must show some results before the EU leaders summit of 18-19 February.

Hahn also said that the agreement with Turkey was decided more than two months ago and there isn’t still any reduction in the number of immigrants. It is necessary that there will be some results before the Eu summit to show leaders that the action plan is working.

At the Amsterdam meeting, the countries faced the issue of creating fences on the Macedonian and  Bulgarian borders with Greece and between Austria and Slovenia to stop migrants.

Therefore, Hahn is worried that if some fences were created it would cause a “dominio effect” and many European countries could close their border controls putting at risk the bloc’s passport-free Schengen zone.




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