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Russia meets the US for a friendly dialogue #Russia #US #relations


The former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger met Russian president Putin for a friendly dialogue. After this meeting Kissinger wrote an article where he said that “Russia should be perceived as an essential element of any new global equilibrium.”

He with Evgeny Primakov created a group of retired senior ministers and military leaders to avoid disputes between the two countries and to try to enhance their cooperation. During the Cold War all participants supported the national interest of their country but they had also understood the peril of a nuclear bomb for the humanity.

However, today the Russian-US relations are the worst they have been since before the end of the Cold War and the cooperation has been replaced by confrontation.

Actually, the efforts to have a common ground in the Syria conflict and to defuse tension over Ukraine aren’t having great effects in the relation between Russia and the United States.

Kissinger also said: “For the United States, the end of the Cold War seemed like a vindication of its traditional faith in inevitable democratic revolution. It visualized the expansion of an international system governed by essentially legal rules.”



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