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Marine Le Pen met Salvini in Milan #Salvini #Milan #immigration


Yesterday, Marine Le Pen visited Milan for the Enf Convention where there was also Matteo Salvini, the federal secretary of Lega Nord. He said that the Convention aim was to have a more normal Europe and that it is necessary for Italy getting more sovereignty and power from the EU.

Salvini declared to journalists that he wants an open and welcoming Europe but where there should be rules and limits. Moreover, he said that if Sweden decided to repatriate the most of immigrants it would mean that the Schengen Agreement is dead.

He is worried that now all of these immigrants would go to Italy because it is the only country that doesn’t control its borders.

The presence of Marine Le Pen in Milan created a manifestation of trade unions that started from Piazza Pagano and arrived to Piazzale Lotto, near to convention center.



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