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Face-veil yes or not? a controversial issue #London #veil #Muslims


Sir Michael Wilshaw, head of Ofsted in London has declared that niqab, the Muslim
face-veil can be an obstacle for school learning. The issue about the possibility to use or not veil is very controversial.

The schools that will allow the face-veil to their students could be labeled as inappropriate. Moreover, the Wilshaw’s opinion is shared by the premier David Cameron who already in the past was favorable to some rules of this kind, introduced by schools.

The Muslim Council of Britain has accused Ousted to have been too strict with its release  and the Council considered this situation unacceptable because we can’t discuss also about the niqab right.

However, it thinks that this issue is only a little problem in the whole difficult situations that there are in the coexistence between different countries and Muslim people.



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