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Not to forget: Holocaust Memorial DAY 2016 #holocaust #memory #27 #January


Today, 27th January 2016 is the Holocaust  Memorial Day. It has been established this day because on 27 January 1945 the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the Soviets. In this camp 1.1 million people were killed and around 90 per cent of them were Jewish.

January 27 has to remember the six million Jews that were brutally killed during the Secondo World War. The genocide of Jewish people planned by Hitler, was carried out between 1941 to 1945 in all over Europe.

As the title of a book, “Memory makes us free” the Jewish extermination is today the paradigm of how our century is living its relation with the past and the double challenge that memory has to face. On the one hand, memory has to be able to have respect for the million victims of Holocaust, on the other hand it can avoid to be expression of claim.

The worst enemy of memory is not oblivion because history can’t be deleted. There are other enemies: the instrumentalization, superficiality and confusion.

Not to forget what happened, it isn’t enough the only memory of the facts. However, the best way to keep alive the Holocaust memory is to speak about and listen the stories of Shoah survivors.

It is so important to remember the past because we have to ensure that the terrifying and violent facts happened will not occur again in the future.




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