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Grand Hôtel de la Reine. Nancy

Nancy has been a magnificient city for centuries. Since the middle Ages the dukes of Lorraine have continually added to its elegance.  in the late 19th Century, inspired by the city’s famous Art nouveau architects and craftsmen, many facades were decored with their plant-inspired designs.  One excellent way yo appreciate Nancy’s treasures and sok up its ambiance is to take a trip through the town’s most significant historical periods.

The Old Town.  First built in the 11th C;  it was destroyed and subsequently  rebuild. Thanks to a thriviing economy from 12th to  the 16th C, it grew rapidly and became the capital of the duchy.  Its boundaries then were the Craffe gate to the north and the erstwhile Saint Nicolas gate to the south, now place Vaudémont.

The 18th C Town. This was built to link the two existing towns and the historic city centre.

It consists primarily of the famous 18th C architectural ensemble that includes Place of Stanislas la carrière and Alliance squares style Versailles, which Unesco placed onitsc  World Heritage List in 1983.

“ArtNouveau” from 1871, the annexion of the part of the French territory increased the importance of Nancy as an out-post. situated near the bordfer. The origin of the trend called school of Nancy is to be found in part in the consequences of all the factors mentionned above.

This new artistic expression was applied to architecture with civil building such as the Chamber of Commerce, villas such as the Majorelle Vila, garden suburb ( Saurupt Park) and to the decorative arts.

Magnificien Grand Hôtel de la Reine has for frame one of the detached houses of the Place Stanislas, build from 1751 till 1755 by Emmanuel Héré, architect of Stanislas, King of Poland, Duke de Lorraine and father-in-law of Louis XV.

From benginnings, this detached house shows a vocation of welcome. It was  at first the Alliot hotel, the residence of the bursar of Duke de Lorraine from 1759 till 1766.

Then Sir Chamont de la Galazière, the bursar of Lorraine ansd his successors who settled down there untill 1770.

The Revolution will transform all the estate managements into Prefectures.  Grand Hotel welcomes you into its 43 rooms across several categories. The Design from times gone by will inspire you to travel in the time to the realms of the Dukes and King of France

Each of its unique rooms is reminiscent of the 18th Century, with its design, mouldings and furnishings combining Louis XV style, tradition and Belle Epoque.

The restaurant  and bar istraditional interior Louis XV, it is a 4-star hotel boasting a splendid class design , the fine dishes prepared by the Chef Patrick Fréchin, previously awarded a Michelin star at his former restaurant, Le Grenier à Sel.

Is the real pleasure to recommand this hotel in Nancy .



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