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Abandoman: “Hot Desk” show #abandoman #theatre #Brussels


Abandoman is a interactive and musical show of two Irish guys, Rob Broderick and Sam Wilson. They performed yesterday evening, on 26th of January in the theatre “Toison d’Or” in Brussels.

Their show is very particular and unique. Broderick started to speak with audience and he chose some different people to whom he asked their names and something about their lives. Then he decided who wanted on stage with him and he started to rap using the information about the person that was by his side.

Wilson helped Broderick ringing and making a basic music that gave rhythm to the performance. Moreover, he sang and created with the rapper an extraordinary and unrepeatable show.

So, they improvised in every moment being inspired by the lives, details and information of the audience that was always called to take part to the show. All of these characteristics have gone to create an original and eccentric performance that you will not forget so easily.



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