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Austrian prime minister wants temporary suspension Schengen agreements #Schengen #borders #refugees


Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann has declared that Austria has temporarily  suspended the Schengen border-free travel agreement. This agreement consists in the possibility for citizens to access any country without the need to cross the border controls.

Faymann decided to impose strict controls measures for everyone who want to enter in the country.In fact, at control border points people have to show a valid ID to Austrian authorities and if someone doesn’t have the right to asylum he will send back.

Moreover, Austria has decided to use its army to stop refugees from entering the country. Also other Schengen countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden have temporarily declared a suspension of the Schengen agreement.

Giorgia Meloni, the president of Fratelli d’Italia, has announced that if Austria closes its borders, she wants Italy to close its border with Slovenia.


Beatrice Cavallini

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