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Nigel Farage says that he made a terrible mistake #ukip #farage


In October Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader had a terrible accident with his Volvo. He was driving on motorway when a wheel came off from his car and he was forced to dart over a barrier to avoid oncoming traffic.

Suddenly, the police said that it was a malicious act and also the mechanics were absolutely certain that it was a foul play but he decided not to take any kind of action.

But now Farage has said that he made a terrible mistake because he wouldn’t have told anything to journalists about his accident in France that it was considered as an assassination attempt.

It has been discovered that French mechanics and police have since said that there wasn’t sign of foul play. So,Farage declared that he never said anything of this kind and that now there is a speculation about what police say or they dddn’t say.



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