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Putin and Kerry meet in Moscow to discuss about Syrian conflict #russia #US #putin #terrorism



US Secretary of State John Kerry met with  Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday in the Kremlin to talk about the situation in Syria and the possibility to join forces  against terrorism.

Kerry met with the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergej Lavrov earlier on Tusday. The two diplomats discussed about relations between Russia and America and the Ukrainian conflict.

Later during the meeting between Kerry, Lavrov and Putin various aspects of the collaboration between the two countries have been examined. Putin stated during the meeting that “Both of us are looking for ways to resolve the most complicated crises. I know the American side had prepared its own vision on how to deal with a variety of problems including the Syrian crisis”.

Both Russia and America seem to be ready to collaborate in order to defeat what Lavrov defined an “evil”. In order to carry out transparent and more effective collaboration strategies Kerry announced that the possibility of exchanging data on the location of anti-terrorist operation has been discussed.

The meeting in Riyadh between Syrian’s opposition groups has been discussed by the leaders, since it represents the first step towards a possible agreement between the Syrian government and the opposition. “It does not represent all opposition groups, but this, again, was one step in the process, which is coordinated by the United Nations,” stated Lavrov, adding that terrorist groups al-Nursa and Daesh will not be part of the Syrian opposition talks.



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