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EU to restart negotiations on Turkey’s accession #EU #turkey #membership



On Monday’s meeting the European Union decided to reopen negotiations over Turkey’s probable accession into the bloc.

Turkey’s possible admission in the EU has been blocked, and since the opening of the discussions on its membership in 2005, only one chapter out of 35 (S&R) has been completed. Monday’s meeting was the first since the EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker declared that during his mandate no state will join the Union.

The opening of the long-stalled discussions was allegedly driven by Europe’s difficulty in managing the refugees’ crisis. Only one month ago an agreement between EU and Turkey was signed, so that 3 billons euros will be given to Turkey in exchange for stemming the refugees flow to Europe.

Turkey doesn’t reach economical and democratic European standards, and its troubled relationships with Cyprus, a European State member, makes its admission not foreseeable in the near future. Various EU countries’ opposition to Turkey’s membership- only UK supports Turkey’s admission-blocked the discussions in the last years, but the imminent migrant crisis boosted negotiations.






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