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Pierre Vanherck creates the first olfactory cane #art #craftsmanship #elegance #belgium #luxury

 Pierre Vanherck, creator of

Pierre V N15B[1]unique and timeless exceptional objects, is proud to present his new jewel: the olfactory cane. For almost 2 years, Pierre Vanherck imagined something different, never seen before: this exclusive cane spreads a fragrance in a subtle, discreet and elegant way.

 The cane’s pommel is set with an elaborate micro perfored ceramic. The all work around this ceramic (realized by Martine Vanhoutte) is to increase the contact surface with the ambient air while maintaining enough material to contain a maximum of perfume. The ceramic will be satured with perfume. By the simple fact of holding the cane, it will reach a temperature above 25c and will allow the perfume to be disseminated and create a perfumed atmosphere.


The cane of Brigg’s house in London was one of Emile’s Hermes favorite. Accessory romantic, a small chain came out of the pommel enabling the spray to get activated. It was possible for gentleman to put on some perfume during a walk or for an unexpected encounter. This piece unique is still visible in the Hermes’ museum in Paris.

 About Pierre Vanherck

The cane set up as artwork. The know-how developed by the Pierre Vanherck’s house confers an international reputation. The craftsman creates canes according to customers desires… The sky is the limit! Shaping techniques of noble wood species, crimping precious materials take you beyond the limits of creation, where masterpiece is the key word. The excellence of handmade allows him to highlight the uniqueness of the created works. Contemporary, rare and distinguished canes give the word “Elegance” a new and modern meaning.




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