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Russia takes severe measures against Turkish terrorist threat #russia #turkey #Su-24



Since Turkey shot down the Russian SU-24 tensions between the two countries have arisen, seriously undermining economic and political relations.

Russia already took severe measures after -as Puntin defined it- a real “stab in the back” by the Turkish government, accused not only to hold economic interests in the illegal oil trade with Jihadists, but also to provide them with weapons, in fact obstructing Russian anti-terrorism military operations.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree, published on Saturday on the Kremlin website, in order to guarantee Russian citizens’ security. First of all, starting from 1 January 2016, free-visa travel for Turkish citizens will be suspended, and Russian tour operators are not allowed to sell travel packages to Turkey, since the country represents a “very real threat” of terrorism, as the Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov stated.

Moreover Turkish products’ import has been restricted, although banned goods have not been named yet, they will be determined soon by the Cabinet. Nevertheless the Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachyov reassured that the possibility of price growth is minimal.

The decree also determinates restrictions on Russian companies hiring Turkish employees, and Turkish companies operating in Russia, though allowing projects in progress to finish within the end of December.

These measures will have serious consequences on Russian-Turkish relations, which have been already severely conditioned by the downing of the Russian aircraft. Recent events in Russia show that tensions between the two countries have had serious repercussions in Russian society. As a matter of fact an effigy of Turkish President Erdogan was burnt in Simferopol, Crimea, and the Turkish embassy in Moscow was vandalized last week.



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