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New threats by Ukrainian radicals after Crimean blockade #crimea #ukraine #blockade



In the night of 21 November Crimea was left without electricity, after power lines from Ukraine have been knocked down. Since that electricity comes and goes, and life is getting difficult for Crimean citizens, who are suffering their second blackout in one year.

The situation in Crimea became particularly difficult after last year’s annexation to Russia, considered by Ukraine illegal. Ukrainian authorities view the peninsula as an occupied territory, while Russia accuses Ukraine to collaborate with extremist groups, allegedly responsible of the blackout.

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak commented on the supposed delays in repairing power lines saying that “The delays mean that Ukrainian authorities approve the activities of extremist groups, as they are not taking any action”.

The supposed coordinator of the Crimean “blockade” is Lenur Islyamov, member of the Tatar Mejlis, already accused by the the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) of organizing the balckout, as reported by Ria Novosti.

Islyamov, together with other Ukrainian radicals and members of the Right Sector, organized the blasting of key electricity pylons, and threatens now to isolate Crimea completely from the sea. “We will go on. We will arrange a network blockade, and then a see blockade, so that Crimea will find itself in complete isolation”, said Islyamov.

Meanwhile Russia is trying to find a way  in order to fully provide Crimea with energy. As a matter of fact President Putin announced few days after the beginning of the blackout, that by 20 December the first line of energy through the Kuban region will be constructed.



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