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After Russia issued a series of sanction against Turkey over the drowning of the Russian jet by a Turkish air-to-air missile last week, on Monday the North Atlantic Treaty Organization offered support to Ankara and recognized the country’s version of the accident, according to which the Russian warplane had allegedly violated Turkish airspace for 17 seconds.

Support Turkey seems to be a priority for the Alliance in order to intensify relations with a country which could be crucial in the war against the Islamic State. “We are also working on further assurance measures to support Turkey, the NATO ally who is on the frontline of a volatile region bordering Iraq and Syria,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at a meeting today.

But not everyone seem to agree with this statement. The Russian General Staff and the Syrian Air Defense Command confirmed that the jet never crossed into Turkish airspace and was downed on Syrian territory.

Moreover, Turkish role in the fight against ISIL is reportedly ambiguous, according to reports Turkey has increased deliveries of military equipment to rebel groups in Syria, said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday and it is pursuing its primary objectivewhich  is hitting Kurdish groups in the region.

Valentina CALCAGNO

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