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Turkey’s interests and Russia’s reaction to aircraft downing #russia #turkey #SU-24



Every day new details emerge about the downing of the Russian SU-24 by Turkish ground-to-ground missiles, revealing that Turkey’s alleged economic interests in oil deals with ISIL forces, got damaged by Russian anti- terrorist air strikes.

Turkey’s alleged relations with rebels were revealed back in May by the Turkish opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet, showing images of Turkish trucks allegedly transporting arms to Syria. President Erdogan denied any help given to rebels, though the Court ordered that the two reporters- Can Dundar and Erdem Gul, who published the articles-were taken in custody.

Bombing terrorist targets in Syria, Russian air force destroyed oil tanks and supply depots, undermining Turkish interests. In this regard the downing of the Russian jet could have been a planned action, and as the Russian political and international affairs analyst Yuri Barmin stated “I am inclined to think that the downing of the jet was intentional, a signal that Erdogan sent to Putin”.

Russia’s reaction to the accident has been harsh, with Putin defining it as a “stab in the back”, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lavrov as “a planned provocation”. Restrictive measures against Turkey are now being taken, though Lavrov reassured that “We are not going  to  wage a war against Turkey”, he also suggested to Russian citizens not to visit Turkey and invited who is there to come back “due to continuing terrorist threats in Turkey”.

Moreover economic restrictions are planned, such as more severe customs controls, and the possible liquidation of common projects with the consequent “loss of positions by Turkish companies in the Russian market”, as underlined by Prime Minister Medvedev.

Economic relations between the two countries have been growing in the last years, also thanks to the fact that visa is not required, and Turkey has been one of the main destination for Russian tourists, who in many cases bought holyday houses, because of low-prices and the possibility to get the residency permit. The aircraft accident will surely change this “trend”, undermining political and economic relations between the two countries.








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