Russian SU-24 downed on Syrian-Turkish border #russia #aircrash #syria



Russian SU-24 jet was downed this morning on Syrian-Turkish border. According to the Russian authorities the aircraft was flying out of the airbase in Latakia (Syria), from where Russian air force is conducting its military campaign.

Apparently a Turkish F-16 interceptor shot down an unidentified aircraft, which violated its airspace, although Russian Ministry of Defence underlines that “analysis of the objective monitoring data definitely showed that there had not been any violation of the Turkish air space”.

According to the preliminary data the two pilots ejected the aircraft before the crash, while CNN Turk added that one of the two got caught by the Turkmen forces in Syria.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov diplomatically stated that “it would be wrong to make some kind of assumptions right now, to make any statements until we have a complete picture. Therefore, we just have to be patient.”

President Vladimir Putin brought up this subject during his meeting with king Abdullah II of Jordan, stating that the air crash is “a stab in the back”, and stressing that the aircraft was not a threat to Turkey.

Moreover DPA News Agency reported that NATO organized an emergency meeting, following the jet crash, which will take place in Brussels today at 5 pm (GTM+1), while the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Russian Counsellor in Ankara, reports the press representative Igor Mityakov.



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