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France fights against ISIL between Russia and US #france #russia #US #ISIL



After Paris attacks relations between Russia and France have changed, and the two countries allied against their common enemy-terrorism. Following terrorist attacks on 13 November in Paris, where 130 people were killed, and after Russian airplane crash over Sinai, killing 224 people, French Prime Minister Hollande and Russian President Putin found a common goal to collaborate for.

Since the Ukainan crisis started, and West imposed sanctions against Russia- for its presumed engagement in the conflict- Russian-European relations have frozen. Nevertheless recent terrorist attacks, and the threat of new carnages, made President Holland,-who didn’t approve Putin’s support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad- seek for new alliances to fight ISIL. Obama administration is not very keen on this renewed collaboration, and Hollande’s visit  in Washington on Tuesday could be the right occasion to encourage him to support the renewal of sanctions against Russia.

Since its intervention in Syria, on 30 September, Russian air force, achieved a great success in hitting terrorist targets, destroying military bases and supply buildings, doing more than what America accomplished in an year-long unsuccessful campaign. Hollande and Europe seem now to accept Putin’s strategy of supporting Syrian President, in order to hit more effectively the Islamic State, thus abandoning the two-year long American policy of isolating Russia from Europe.

Recent facts show “the growing decline of Washington’s leadership and influence even with its own Western alliance”, states NYU Professor Stephen Cohen, opening the path for a new international equilibrium, where Russia could play a prominent role.





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