China increases anti-terrorism measures #china #terrorism


President Xi Jinping has declared to support anti-terrorism actions after the brutal execution of Beijing man Fan Jinhui. “Terrorism is the common enemy of humanity”, stated the Chinese President during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Manila.

Even if is improbable that Isis is going to attack China soon, Xi Jinping has decided to increase security precautions inside and outside Chinas borders, because China has to be prepared to face terrorism by any chance. In particular, big cities have already optimized security controls in subways stations and airports by checking luggage in a very efficient way.

However China prefers diplomatic solutions at the moment, and it is not organizing military interventions against Isis. It is not clear how the country will respond to this serious situation, what we know is that China is not playing an active role terrorism fight right now.

Valentina Gagliano

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